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Cleaning Oil Spills with your hair

Yup, you read that right! The answer to one of the environment’s most pressing problems might lie on the floor of your barber’s shop.

Vernacular Architecture

Vernacular architecture caters to the the culture, needs and environment of the individual, a cause almost forgotten in modern architecture. Here’s why it is so important

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

Why does a tool that Neanderthals used 50,000 years ago, look exactly like the tool we still use today? Let’s find out

What do dreams mean?

We spend approximately 33% of our lives sleeping. Sleeping is pretty uneventful but while we sleep we do one pretty awesome and important activity. Dreaming.  A dream also refers to (as Google describes it with its pretty ribbon of obfuscation) a cherished aspiration or ambition. Coincidence? I think not. Dreams show our innermost ambitions andContinue reading “What do dreams mean?”

A glimpse at the future…

How would life be 50 years down the line? Would it have the same conflicts, struggles and problems? Could time change the importance of family, people and the world around us ? Would it be able to change people? Why do people immediately think pessimistically about the future? The future could be a bright andContinue reading “A glimpse at the future…”

Sometimes to look into the future, a glance in the past is enough…

Science  VS Religion, a constant battle that has been raging since centuries. In the past, Religion always had the upper hand. Who after all, could deny or turn upon the words of god? But recently, Science has shunned religion. Science has shown the irrefutable proof that religion never really could show to it’s believers. ThatContinue reading “Sometimes to look into the future, a glance in the past is enough…”

Urban Sadness

Do you ever walk in a city and you’re just filled with inexplicable sadness. It is not sadness per se, rather a feeling of boredom, loneliness and detachment. These moments aren’t out of the ordinary. We feel them when we walk in endless circles in the mall, or when we stand waiting in the trainContinue reading “Urban Sadness”

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