A poignant introspection of the book 1984 by George Orwell.

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Why do Japanese Politicians keep resigning?

Politicians resigning is a strange unfamiliar event. It is perhaps even more unheard of when politicians resign without a political scandal or trial behind them. But for Japan’s political system, this event is not as…

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The Inaccuracy of Accuracy

  On the wilting pages of history hide stories that we will never see, stories we will never know. Stories that will forever be silent and leave nothing but acrid smoke and fire behind. How…

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Accent Discrimination

It has featured in every comedian’s one-liners, and punchlines, and produces a lot of laughter. But there is a thin line between comedy and mockery. Accents are like little verbal flags that we wave in…

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The Great Indian Media Circus

Not my circus, not my monkeys..? Media in its very basic nature is propagating something someone has to say. And since the very dawn of time, and that’s a long time ago, man has always…

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Should doctors be allowed to take strikes?

All of us depend on doctors. Especially emergency doctors can be our blessings in disguise.  For emergency doctors being available 24 hours is very essential as they never know when they may be needed.  But…

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