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Without art, we live under the illusion that there is only time and not eternity.

The Death of Traditional Art forms

The music starts and the performance begins. You dance in front of squealing children throwing tantrums and distracted adults. They look upon you with occasional smiles, but their eyes betray their honest sentiments. It is not awe…

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Mythology forms a vital part of traditions and culture. Tales and stories of gods and goddesses have  always been a quintessential part of civilizations. One of the most detailed and rich mythological stories belongs to Greece.  Greece…

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Little Women

I love reading. Each book puts me into a different sphere of existence and all readers can relate to that feeling. I’ve read many books that have touched me, inspired me and motivated me. But no book…

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The Art of Creation

The glint of the sun on white fur, the gleam on burnished brass, the silken hues on a flower petal and the myriad of colours one can see on a single drop of water. What are these…

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The Sea calls

You run across the ocean’s edge The wind is in your hair and you taste the salt in the air. The waters are calm today, smooth as a silken cloth The vast ocean stretches ahead of you,…

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How to paint a dreamy girl

I often make paintings of girls in an ethereal background but this was my first with blue undertones. And it was definitely a hard piece but I love the way it turned out!   Step 1- Choose…

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Famous five book review

At the age of seven or eight I and my cousin found a series of books that became pretty much our life. Me and my cousin were young but had found our passion and interest in books.…

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The Love of Reading

Books have passed on through the ages and still and will always play a vital part in life. They create moments and memories that mold our very personalities. They contain precious and invaluable pearls of wisdom, and…

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A poignant introspection of the book 1984 by George Orwell.

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