Honestly, I can’t say I have read a more exciting book series. The series was a page turner and I absolutely love them. With the beautiful plot Alex Scarrow has woven, I must say that I am surprised that it isn’t well-known and hasn’t been made into a film already.

The book had a pretty well planned and unique plot. It was well paced- not too fast nor too slow. I loved the characters and their character development was beautifully done. Each character had their individual traits. Liam had his charming Irish dialects and his attitude reminiscent to the 19th century, Maddy is geeky but has her insecurities and struggles to lead the team. Sal with her usage of slang words (You know jahully well what Im talking about !) and her need to write in a diary to let out her feelings syncs completely with the characteristics of a teen. These tit bits make the characters genuine and you can’t help but fall in love with them.

As for the rest of the plot. Hats off to Alex Scarrow. He’s had the plot in his mind since Day one and the plot twists were as unexpected as entertaining. Timeriders isn’t a conventional and predictable sci-fi novel. It’s a novel with breakneck twists.

I never really thought time travel was my sort of thing and I had always thought of it as rather overrated and exaggerated. Timeriders proved me wrong. Never before have I read a book that so convincingly talks about clones, robots, and time travel. It’s never too much to digest and is completely believable. It’s pure food for the mind.. Support units? Time waves? Tachyon particles ? Why not?

It’s never boring and all parts are equally garnished. We see the teams relationship building, there is flashbacks and  perspectives of different people. The transaction between past, present, and future is so seamlessly done.

What this book has is enaffable. It has magic that makes  it unputdownable. Percy Jackson has this magic. Harry Potter has this magic. The magic is similar and at the same time completely unique. Time Riders has the quintessential ingredient that makes you crave and dream about the next book. Jayzus! One cannot do anything but love the series!!