We spend approximately 33% of our lives sleeping. Sleeping is pretty uneventful but while we sleep we do one pretty awesome and important activity. Dreaming.  A dream also refers to (as Google describes it with its pretty ribbon of obfuscation) a cherished aspiration or ambition. Coincidence? I think not. Dreams show our innermost ambitions and feelings. Sometimes they can also predict the future .No, this is not some conspiracy theory as I myself have had a variety of incidences where I dreamed something only to find it happen in reality a few days later.

Anyway what do dreams mean? Are you ready to find out? Here we go!


  • . A SNAKE
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    If you are afraid of them in real life( like me ), they may represent something that you are afraid of facing, It also may symbolize someone or something that you feel is threatening to your well being. It may represent someone or something that is constricting, strangling or restricting your movements or ability to act or move. If It Was A Snake that bit You. (It Was Very Close To You.) A snake In the grass. (A Sneaky or Despicable Person.)


  •          KILLING

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To dream of killing someone or that you are being murdered may suggest that your unconscious is trying to kill off an unpleasant or unneeded aspect of yourself.

Dreams about murder may be releasing repressed rage or anger towards someone or something, possibly yourself. Think about who it is that you are trying to kill. Ask yourself if you feel any rage or anger towards him/her in your waking life. If not, they may be representing an aspect of yourself that you want to get rid of. What character trait comes to mind when you think of this person? Does this person remind you of someone else?



These dreams are extremely common even though I haven’t ever had one. Quite like being chased, dreaming of falling indicates you have feelings of insecurity and anxiety in waking life.

You could feel out of control in a waking life situation, it could be in a in your general approach to life.

Similarly these dreams could indicate that you are indulging in some form of self-destructive patterns of behaviour.

It could also express feeling like a failure in some aspect of your waking life.




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These dreams are also extremely common. This could mean that you feel helpless and not in control of a waking life situation.
You could feel fearful and afraid of change. If your dream is accompanied by feelings of humiliation and of being embarrassed then these dreams are an overly exaggerated way of presenting your anxiety about looking bad in a waking life scenario.



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If it is a joyful experience you are probably feeling confident in being able to get where you want to go, that you have the skills necessary to achieve your dreams.If in your dreams you are flying away from something or someone you may be shirking responsibility.

If you are trying to get off the ground and can’t this may mean you feel your freedom is limited by something. And it can mean you feel you have difficulty controlling what happens in your life.


That’s all for now…