How would life be 50 years down the line?

Would it have the same conflicts, struggles and problems? Could time change the importance of family, people and the world around us ? Would it be able to change people?

future world

Why do people immediately think pessimistically about the future? The future could be a bright and beautiful place.  No, it doesn’t have to be the ravaged remains of a world torn by war and greed. The future doesn’t have to hold guns and bombs. It could be a world where humanity finds it path. A peaceful land where our differences no longer divide us. It may not be a rosy, paradisaical world but it doesn’t have to be a dark dystopian one either.

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Technology could, as we have so readily accepted, overpower humanity, damage the environment, wipe us out, but it doesn’t have to turn out that way. Technology might as well make our lives brighter, bring multitudinous possibilities and create a better world. Think about it, it could be a world where people don’t go to bed starving, where lesser people live in poverty, it where we are free from diseases. It could be a world of clean fuels, a world where technology keeps the environment pure.

As for the people. International trade, and travels would make each continent culturally diverse. Apart from that life would be the same. Everything will change and yet nothing will. People will be born. People will love and hate. People will die.

We have already passed the point where technology surprises; it has simply replaced magic. We might live healthier and die later but love and hate, and all between will remain the same.

In the future the world may be in our pocket, but we’ll still ask ‘Who are we?’ and spend a lifetime for an answer. We might be born with chips in our brain but we’ll still wonder about everything with childlike curiosity. Robots might do our menial work but each day will bring a new set of problems and struggles. The world around might change in its way but the cycle of life wont. And it will remain that way fifty years from now, five hundred years from now, five thousand years from now and on to the dying breath of the last person to leave this Earth.