Reading  minds? Been there, done that, got the t shirt.

Reading minds may seem like a fantasy, a part of a sci-fi movie and essentially something that doesn’t exist right? Wrong.

Now I may see, like those creeps trying to make you believe in something totally wacko. But stay with me.

Reading minds is not only a reality but also a reality we experience almost everyday. And no, it doesn’t work the way portrayed in all those X- men movies .no human can just peer into your head and see what you are thinking of … Well not entirely at least.In our daily lives, we all read minds. And it’s like a skill some people are better at it than others. It all depends on who much we can understand it and how much we know that person.

For example, we sometimes can predict what our friends or siblings are going to do. Our parents, siblings and friends are also pretty good at guessing what we are up to. Mind reading? Well, yes and no. They  are essentially reading  our body language. When we are bored, happy or sad we walk, move and do things differently. Subtle clues like these can help to pinpoint exactly how we feel. These techniques have been used for things like lie detecting and other useful stuff. After all there is a thousand ways knowing how someone is feeling can be helpful.

And the most interesting part is that body language will never be wrong. These are things you just can’t alter unless you try like very very hard. And by that I mean very very hard. You may try to talk and act different but subtle hints like how many times you blink and your sitting position and the way your hands are kept, can reveal exactly how you feel. Even the number of times you blink. And that’s pretty hard to alter.

And about how to be a boss at them it’s simple all you need to know is what each thing means and we subconsciously do that too.  Why are we good at knowing our siblings(or friends) are gonna say or do. Because we are so used to their actions that our mind has practically drawn equations for them. It’s for the same reason that our parents are easily able to identify what we are upto or thinking about.

So not only is reading body language awesome and cool it’s also something we can actually do(but sure u can still try to read minds X-Men style) . So yeah when someone talks about mind reading…. You’ve got things covered.

– Adyesha