Talent wins games, but intelligence an teamwork wins championships.


As the summer season dawns in, all the eyes in India are on the IPL series. These cricket matches provide the entertainment for the cricket loving citizens of India.

As a nation, all our hearts are on cricket and no sport means as much as cricket. Indian people take cricket to their soul and it no longer has a status of just a game, it is essentially the politics, entertainment and news of our country. So as the series come- the enthusiasm and reaction of us as a country is pretty much contemplated for. The news are fixated on cricket scores, everyone is glued to the TV screen and the talk of everywhere is pretty much cricket.
In all this craze for this sport let’s ask ourselves- What are the impacts of this sport on our country, our economy and our people in general? What does it actually affect?

  • Money

When it comes to business, anything sport related (cricket if you are in India) is boss!

IPL’s are a major source of income mostly owing due to the extensive advertisements done. Channels like Star sports invest a large amount of money into cricket match advertisements. Posters, banners, designed t-shirts and other advertisements bring in a lot of money. The cricket craze ensures a frantic sale in tickets. So for any ticket sales there is some form of tax that government charges, while viewers pay. Money is brought into economy. This money benefits many industries like from Cricket equipment manufacturer to apparel makers, even printing a ticket has given a thrust to printing industry. In any form some tax is paid-profit earned-consumption occur. It brings dormant or idle money which otherwise would not have been spent ,into the Indian economy.

  • Entertainment

IPL’s are pretty much the entertainment for the two summer months. With big investments put into them- everything’s big scaled and hyped up. It is considered the ‘norm’ for everyone to be tuned into the TV and on the watch for the scores. The newspapers are full of cricket and so is the TV adverts. Cricket is on everyone’s mind. Watching these games have became the much needed break from monotony for the entire country. Additionally, they provide the family bonding time as, after all- Who doesn’t like cricket?

  • Players grow

This is another biggest effect of IPL. The iconic players rub shoulders together, forgetting their country monetarily, and bring out the best for their clubs. This is not just interesting to watch but also great professional lesson to every one of us as to how to value team more than an individual. IPL also gives rare chance for the ageing and fading icons to play.This not only extends their innings in Cricket but also gives chance to their fans to see them play again. Most of these players have huge sentiments attached behind them and seeing them back both is a thing of great interest for everyone and bumps up views.

After all, IPL just encourages what we Indians do best-  EAT , SLEEP AND DREAM CRICKET!!


  • Adyesha Singhdeo