Lilly Singh. Starting from just one ordinary person battling the ordinary struggles of life she has raised to the point of a world famous rich you tuber! Now third on the Forbes list of worlds richest you tubers as well as the recipient of oh- so many awards like the  MTV Fandom Award, three Streamy Awards, two Teen Choice Awards and a People’s Choice Award to date in her career. Her videos are very famous and liked worldwide. Now hitting 11 million subscribers this superwoman is wowing everyone. So why are her videos so popular? Come take a look why!

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Her videos are very relatable!

With her Indian Punjabi and Canadian accent switches, she rants about the sorta stuff all of us are familiar with. Her popular videos are- How girls get ready, How parents see things, Types of family members and many others. She talks about how her parents win every argument with her, how she manages to spend less money, how she is forced to clean her room and all other small problems she faces. Though now popular and rich her videos are still down to earth.

The scenarios she shows are common everywhere and many viewers can relate to her. She shows these scenarios with witty humor and adds the salt and pepper with her acting!

Her co- artists!

Lilly’s (so called) parents feature in many of her videos. She herself dresses up as them and plays their exaggerated roles. Her mother Paramjeet Singh and her dad Manjeet Singh play extremely hilarious roles. Her parent roles are very popular with each of them having their own Face book and twitter accounts. If nothing, Manjeet, Paramjeet, their burns, their exaggerated Indian accents and their insults are sure to bring you to your knees, laughing.


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They are positive.

Lilly started her YouTube journey after battling with acute depression to the point where as she once said negativity once paralyzed her. Her YouTube videos are the way she expresses her feelings and with her videos she constantly tries to bring a smile onto others.  Being sweet in her unicorn fashion she says that if her videos are the reason someone’s day gets brighter then its then that all her hard work has been worth it. She has a special section of videos of motivation all still injected with her humor.

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She is one happy positive unicorn!

She embraces her heritage.

Lilly moved to Canada as a kid but still keeps all the Indian values and traditions at heart. In her videos, with her parents Paramjeet and Manjeet she makes fun of the stuff all us Indians are familiar with! Her makeup, costumes and the hilarious uncanny Indian accent which she constantly switches too makes sure these videos are jam packed with entertainment.

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Overall, Lilly is a great you tuber, comedian and person in general. Her videos are positive and funny and try to make others smile. Her journey from a person depressed with life to a world famous you tuber who meets up with famous people like- Bill gates, Madhuri Dixit, Malala Yousafzai, Selena Gomez and others is an inspiring story and urges us to what she does best. ‘Follow our dreams…’


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  • Adyesha Singhdeo