Today’s era is progressing swiftly. Every now and then, new gadgets and discoveries are being made. Every field is progressing and developing constantly. From all the fields, the field that has impacted mankind the most is medicine.

Compared to the time taken for us to advance from superstitious reasons for health problems to treating with available herbs, medicine is now flourishing at a rate like never before. New discoveries in treatment are bringing improvements to our health standards as well as saving lives.

But this progress has come at a very high price.

For almost every  painkiller, cosmetic, or medicine bought to us humans, animals have been tested upon. And the results are horrifying.

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Numerous pictures on the internet show us the levels of cruelty and torture animals have to suffer through. Many animals die and suffer terribly. Is that justifiable? Should they have to pay the price for our vanity and arrogance?

A life is a life and there is no right in harming an animal to save a human. Even science backs up this argument. Why should an animal react to something the same way as humans do?

Animal vivisection is a baseless practice. If a person would follow these practices on a human they would be seen as a homicide. Then why , if it done on animals in the name of science is it acceptable? Don’t they share the same flesh and blood? Don’t they fell the same pain?

In this era of self driving cars, genetic modification and quantum computing is it that animals have to suffer for such unsubstantial reasons? Surely machines can take their place? In this era of technology, animal vivisection and testing is a vacuous and murderous practice.

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Mice are mice and humans are humans. if we look to mice to model every aspect of disease and cures for man we are just wasting our time.

Till now scientists have found hundreds of ways to cure cancer in mice but not one in humans.

They don’t smoke, they don’t wear make up, they don’t need aspirins, they don’t take drugs. Just because we do, why should they suffer?

Say NO to Animal vivisection!