Summer holidays are the time we all love.  All of us get tickled to joy at the idea of almost two months to ourselves. Like, how could we not? But as the holidays start our euphoria starts fading away. Especially, if you aren’t going out anywhere in just week boredom hits. And then two months seem like a very long time. But don’t worry. Here are a few fun things you can do in the summer to make sure that this break is as exciting as it can be!

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  1. Start a sport or activity In summer we have a lot of free time. Use it to start up with a new sport or activity. You can join a group or camp as well. You’ll be surprised by how much fun you will have. You will also make a lot of new friends.
  2. Explore! While this may seem not as good an idea if you’re living in an urban city, you’ll be surprised by how many places you can still visit. Go exploring the woods( If you live in the countryside), your neighborhood, even a nearby park. You can also  act as detectives to make it as mysterious and fun as possible. Try finding out stuff about strangers while staying out of sight at the same time!
  3. Start an activity you haven’t done for a long time– School tightens up our schedule, rarely leaving time for much loved activities. This summer start back on them!
  4. Build a fort! This can be a very fun idea if you can use your garden. With your parents or friends help you can create a fort just for yourself. You can even make a temporary one indoors. Have fun decorating and building. You can hold secret club meetings in them too!
  5. Get rich!  The idea of having a lot of money appeals to us all.Use this summer to earn some  extra money. Teach some classes, sell things, do odd jobs. As well as earning your first salary the experience will surely teach you a lot. Not to mention all things you can do with the money!
  6. Learn a new skill.-Go surfing, swimming, learn a new language, bake, make a movie, write, start photography or sing! Try something new!
  7. Make an obstacle course– obstacle races are fun things to do, even more if you make them. Make an obstacle course and have fun playing with it.
  8. Show Time!!  Write a play, dress up, collect an audience and have fun. You can also make a dance routine,Puppet shows,a circus,make videos and lots more.Just let the creative juices flow!
  9. DIY’s – decorate your room, your supplies, create pieces of art with friends. As well as having fun,you will have some super cool supplies when school re-opens!
  10. Treasure hunt-  Treasure hunts are awesome things to do when with friends or while having a party. Hide your treasure and set clues all around and try to find them.

Most importantly, summer is a time for relaxation and fun. So whatever you do make sure you have a lot of fun!!!