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Food Sagas

Food is inexplicably connected to our memories. The smell, the atmosphere, the taste, everything combines together to bring a moment to life.

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India in Pixels helps the masses visualise data about India. Here is why you should check out their amazing work!

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Can war ever be justified?

What defines a ‘just’ war? Or does such an ideal even exist. How does ethics, morality, religion and philosophy grapple with one of humanity’s toughest questions?

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The Story Behind India’s name

As we celebrate 74 years of freedom, many of us remember the Indian rebellion as well as the freedom fighters that brought us to this day. But that also begets the question, “When did we acquire the name of ‘India’?” A person once told me that India stood for Independent Nation Declared In August. Not only is that categorically false, but it’s also ridiculous. Did the East India Company know its own future 200 years ago? But let’s look at it seriously. Before the colonisation of the subcontinent, the state of India didn’t really exist. It can be more…

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